Documentation for Textile and Garments Industry

Order Confirmation, Import, Receipt of the material at the factory Documentation, During Production, Export, Opening L/C, Shipping Documentation
One of the most important factor for Textile and Garments Industry is proper documentation. A perfect documentation system can help you to finish the whole process properly without any problem. So that we need to understand all apparel and textile departments documentation properly.  

Order Confirmation Documentation 

1. Copy of master L/C > or received of this documentation from the buyer, the exporters become sure that they would obtain foreign currency after the perches shipment.

2. Contract sheet > Sing by buyer and vender (2 page)
Style number
Shipment date
Mode of shipment (sea / air)
Order quantity and size ratio XL XXL SML
Fabric description 
Labels etc

3. Product package 
10- 15 page 
Spec sheet
Stitch & seam type (button gap-2.5" to 3.5")
Position of levels, taken tag, price ticker
Sketches partly of each garment

4. Trim card with approval > swatch card


Import Documentation 

1. Proforma invoice ⇒ Total requirement: - how many fabric, trims = 1 sheet
2. Commercial invoice ⇒ Fob: Unit price, trim unit price
3. Packing list ⇒ how many roles Break down each fabric roles
4. UP (utilisations permission) ⇒ given from the government
5. PSI certificate/ pre-shipment inspection {if necessary}

Receipt of the material at the factory Documentation

1. Inventory report – collection store manager.
SL. NO     Item o/q p/lq  Receive  status of aim
2. Fabric and accessories swatch (actual)

Documentation of During Production

1. Daily production report
2. Daily quality report
3. Daily production report  DUPRO

Export Documentation 

1. Packing list
2. IC (inspection certificate) Buyer QC team
3. Bill at leading {(B/L) sea} Collect from ship 
4. Air way bill (air)
5. Certificate of origin   Collect from custom

Opening L/C Documentation

For opening L/C the bank will provide the following things:
1. L/C application form 
2. IMP form (import permission form)
3. Agreement form 
4. Guarantee form

Have to fill up the forms mentioned above and after verifying and signing the following documents should be submitted to the bank:- 
a. Trade license (valid)
b. IRC (import Registration certificate)
c. Membership certificate
d. Memorandum of association 
e. Income tax declaration
f. A photograph 

Documentation for Shipping 

1. Commercial invoice (After shipment).
2. Packing list (Size ratio in pack assortment).
3. GSM test report.
4. Booking list approval.
5. Bill of leading.
6. Cargo receive certificate. 
7. Booking request approval copy.
8. Certificate of no child labor.
9. Certificate of AZO dye free.
10. Origin certificate.
11. Shipment advice.
12. Shipment details from.
13. Beneficiary certificate.
14. Nickel free certificate.
15. Inspection certificate.
16. Authority to load certificate.

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