Importance of Pilot Yardage in Apparel Industry

Pilot yardage is an important factor to complete all the pre-production processes like sample approvals, size set
Pilot yardage helps to find out any problems or issues that may come in the bulk yardage. The mill processes the first 100 to 200 yardage to ensure that the meets the same quality, colour parameters as laid down by the bu. This helps the mill in taking right actions to remove any problems or defects.

On the other hand the factory also requires yardage to complete all the pre-production processes such as sample approvals, size set etc. This pilot yardage helps the factory in making all the pre-production samples. 
pilot yardage

Also the factory does fabric inspection and fabric shrinkage test to have an idea of how the bulk fabric will behave. At this stage if factory observes any problems in fabric behaviour the same is immediately conveyed to the mill so that the mill can take corrective action.
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Pilot Yardage

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