Sample Approval to Final Audit for Apparel Merchandising Methods

Sample Approval ⇨ PP Sample ⇨ Size Set ⇨ Pre Production Meeting ⇨ Pilot Run ⇨ Final Audit

Sample Approval

While trim and fabric ordering is going on, at the same time the sample approval course of action is additionally in progress. The minute a style is chosen it goes to the tech division for fitting.

Here models wear the samples and they are assessed as far as  fit, measurement, construction. The buyer then sends out remarks, which are called as fit comments.

PP Sample

Once the fit sample is approved the factory makes a PP (Pre-production) sample. This can be called by different names such as sealer sample, green tag sample etc. This sample is sent out the buyer for final approval and once approved becomes the final sample on the basis of which entire production is made and audited. This is the most important sample and one should take care that everything on this sample is correct as this then becomes the standard. 

Size Set

Once PP sample is approved the nest step is to make a Size set. All the fit samples and the PP samples are in the medium size, now the medium size is graded into the different sizes as per the purchase order. The basic purpose of size set is to ensure that grading between sizes is correct. 

Sample Approval to Final Audit

Pre production meeting

In pre-production meeting everyone worried with the style sits with each other to make sure that everyone is on the same page and keep up with the product. Hence, this meeting has the merchandiser, production in-charge, cutting, finishing, fabric in-charge, line supervisor, pattern master, sample master etc. All tentative problems are discussed and solutions sought to execute the order smoothly.

Pilot Run

once pre-production meeting is done the factory does Pilot run. Factory cuts 100 – 200 garments based on the order quantity. The pilot run is done on the assembly line and is aimed at ensuring that the operators of the assemble line understand the required quality levels. This is very essential since all samples prior to the pilot run (fit samples, PP & size set) are made in the sampling unit. 

Once Pilot run is approved the factory goes into bulk production. In line and interim inspections are preformed during the production process to ensure that the final product quality meets the required quality level. 

Once 80 – 90 % of the goods are packed a pre-final audit is done. This helps in taking corrective action if required before the final audit. Generally since the final audit happens very close to the shipment date, the pre-final gives factory a chance to amend problems if any. 

Final Audit

The last is the Final Audit. This is the last checkpoint before shipment. All aspects (packing, packaging, measurement, construction & visuals) are checked by merchandiser and auditor team. 
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