Pattern Development System in Apparel Manufacturing

Different types of Pattern Development System in Apparel Manufacturing. Manual and Computer aided pattern construction.
In apparel manufacturing the separate pieces of garments are made by hard drawing paper which size and shape same as individual parts of that garments is called pattern.  There are two types of pattern construction such as -

■ Manual pattern construction 
■ Computer aided pattern construction.

Pattern Development

Manual pattern construction:

The pattern draft is developed by calculation, taking account of the following measurement.

Advantage of manual pattern construction:  

 ■Actual body size measurement   
■Size charts   
■Grading increments  
■Easy allowance. 

Disadvantage of Manual pattern construction:

■Time consuming process   
■Not easier.  

 Computer aided pattern construction:

  Digitised system  
CAD system

Why Seam allowances and shrinkage to be added to the patterns? 

In the event of a washed piece of clothing, 100% fabric ought to be tested for shrinkage. The test is done according to the wash formula. When all rolls are tested, the rolls are isolated according to the shrinkages and various patterns are made to fuse the shrinkages.

If there should be an occurrence of a non-wash piece of clothing testing 10% of the fabric is adequate to decide the shrinkage that should be incorporated into the pattern. The pattern is washed in view of the suggested wash care directions in the FPT. 

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