Responsibility of Apparel Merchandisers

Responsibility of Apparel Merchandisers - To find out customer requirements, They provide the right products at the right time
Apparel Merchandisers are serious in the success of any buying house, garments and textile. They provide the right products at the right time, enabling a company to match with latest market trends and meet the market demand. In the merchandising concept, time management is a gig to manage one's time properly, so he can focus on value adding actions.

Today's garment merchandisers have to move with frequent changes in demand and the developing technologies utilised in manufacturing and production. To find out customer requirements, they regularly visit retail outlets, and come up with latest updates from frontline staff. In order to keep an eye on developments in sourcing, site visits are made every week to mainland factories to meet suppliers and study production.
Apparel Merchandisers

Responsibility of a Garments Merchandiser

In garment merchandising, there is no specific rule, so it's important to be able to think on one's feet. When an export order is placed to a A merchandiser, he/she has to schedule the flowing main function to execute the export order perfectly in time.

Fabric requirement calculation
Accessories (thread, button, interlining, poly bag, cartoon) requirement calculation.
Fabric sourcing.
Sourcing of accessories.
Production follows up with fabric and accessories by possible date of arrival of fabric and accessories in garment factory.
Costing of garment.
Garment production planning.
Pre- shipment inspection schedule.
Shipment documents.
Have to prepare proper time action plan.
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Apparel Merchandising

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